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 Premium Grade - Heater Oil - Lamp Fuel - Made in the UK

Paraffin is best used in green house heaters, lamps and other situations that require the burnt fuel not to omit toxic gases.

Also known as liquid paraffin, paraffin oil or kerosene. Paraffin is a mixture of different types of simple hydrocarbons. It is less volatile than gasoline and it boils at 302-527 degrees Fahrenheit. The extraction process can use coal, wood and oil shale. One of the primary way’s of obtaining paraffin is from the distillation of petroleum, which was first distilled in 1807 by geologist Abraham Gesner. It required discovering new sources and better ways of refining before the cost became affordable.

In its solid form it known as paraffin wax Paraffin oil is a mineral oil that comes in two forms, either heavy liquid paraffin oil or light liquid paraffin oil. Paraffin is clean burning and maintains a high heat output.

Uses Of Paraffin.

Paraffin is a alkane hydrocarbon that has a variety of practical uses. These industries are as such: medicine, agriculture and cosmetics. Jet engines and rockets will use paraffin as a fuel source. Diesel and tractor engines can use paraffin as a fuel source. Lamps and lanterns used paraffin for light though this practice has waned in recent years. As of writing, paraffin is the most widely used heating oil in home central heating systems in the UK. People from lesser developed country’s will regularly use paraffin as a way of cooking. Whether you are mountaineering up Snowdon or simply family camping paraffin makes a great portable fuel for small stoves and lights.