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Heating Oil - 28 Second Oil - Class 3 - Premium Grade - Kero Burning

Kerosene the product has many names: Heating Oil, Domestic Heating Oil, RBO and 28 Second to name a few. This fuel its used in domestic and commercial heating applications. This is not Premium Paraffin or Gas Oil (red diesel).

Heating Oil is another name for Kerosene. Gas Oil and Paraffin can also be used in its stead, but only if the boiler/cooker is designed for it.

Kerosene: 96% of heating boiler and cookers have been designed to run on this fuel. It is the cheapest of the three fuels we offer, with Gas Oil being the second expensive and Paraffin being the most expensive. Kerosene is also known as 28 second, RBO, heating fuel, heating oil, kero and burning oil. Despite the names its all one product.