Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Food Grade - Premium Quality

Choose 3%, 6%, 9%, 11% & 12% Strength & Bottle Size

All Grades are Manufactured from Food Grade certified Hydrogen Peroxide & BP grade Ultra Pure Distilled Water only.

Highly versatile Solution - It has many uses including; medical, personal, food preparation, household cleaner, steriliser, laundry and many more!! Store in dark room at all times and out of reach of children. Concentrations of 9% and greater may cause slight irritation on contact with skin

  • As a mouthwash or gargle
  • In a relaxing bath or foot wash
  • To Sanitise Toothbrushes and dentures
  • As a Teeth Whitening Agent (under expert advise only)
  • As a produce wash to keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh Longer
  • As a general disinfectant
  • Washing Carpets, Floors and Windows/Removing ld
  • Cleaning out Aquariums
  • Plant Fertiliser & Spray