Citric Acid

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Food Additive Citric Acid is used throughout the food industry for many purposes.

Citric Acid's main use is as a flavouring and a preservative due to its reasonably low pH, making it quite acidic. It can be used as an alternative to fresh lemon juice to give a citrus taste and is often used in soft drinks. De-scaler Citric Acid is an excellent chelating agent which helps bind metals. It can be used to removed scale / lime-scale from kettles, boilers and evaporators.

Bath Bombs Citric Acid can be used with Sodium Bicarbonate to produce an effervescent compound forming the basis for any bath bomb. Cosmetics Citric Acid is used as a pH adjusting agent in cream and gels. Citric Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid and is the active ingredient in most chemical peels. Citric Acid is one of the active ingredients in the production of some antiviral tissues. Photography Citric Acid is often used as a lower-odour stop bath when developing photographic film. Photography film developing solutions are alkaline and the acidic quality of Citric Acid neutralises and stops development of the film.

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