Avocado Butter - Organic

Avocado Butter - Organic

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Packaged in resealable bags.


Avocado Butter is designed for topical use, and is formulated with 100% pure, ultra-refined Avocado Oil for its fatty acids. Avocado butter is full of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E, making it ideal for keeping your skin healthy, hydrated, soft, and firm.
Avocado oil, on the other hand, helps your skin create more collagen, which helps it appear smooth, firm, and youthful.

Common Uses: Avocado Oil is popular for the hydration of dry, mature skin, and hair.

This product is soft at room temperature and slowly melts on contact with the skin, and may be used from 3% in a product to 100% as a body balm. Especially helpful to nails and cuticles, it may be used to enhance your handmade soaps, lotions, creams, sun screen products, hair products, conditioners, body butters, luxury soaps, baby-care products and lip balms.

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