Shea Butter - Organic

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Organic - Unrefined - Vegan

100% Certified Organic ECOCERT Ingredient | No fragrances, No Preservatives, No colours, No Parabens, No Sulphates, Nothing Artificial

Ingredient: 100% Shea Butter, Unrefined Organic

Certified ECOCERT USDA ORGANIC Ingredient Shea Butter is firm but creamy and has a natural yellowish colour tint to it, however unrefined shea butter seasonal batches vary from season to season therefore with every season the colours may vary slightly.

The best unrefined Shea Nuts are carefully and Organically extracted from the African Shea Nut Tree as well as the Shea Nut using traditional methods which do not include any chemical process unlike many other varieties of Shea Butter on the market.

This Shea Butter does not contain an offensive strong odour like many other varieties on the market and we can guarantee you top quality organic SHEA that only has a natural Shea nutty smell only.



Organic Unrefined, Raw, Unprocessed Quality Shea Butter is super moisturising, hydrating and packed with Vitamins and Nourishing elements to revive, repair and restore any skin type.

Simply blend a portion in a powerful blender for your weekly use of organic, synthetic chemical-free homemade Shea butter. Keep your skin nourished & healthy organically.

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